Nikita Pixie Bag

$43.99 $59.99


Pixie bag is made for people who love to stay active and have fun no matter where they are. Nikita Pixie Bag has a futuristic holographic look, bringing parties everywhere. 



Item Size: L-12.2", W-4.7", H-6.5"
Quality Material: Made of PVC, which is water-resistant, durable, and light
Unique Look: You can customize the Pixie bag by adding colorful personal belongings in the bag (applicable for clear bags).
Adjustable Strap: With an adjustable strap and a tight buckle, the bag stays tight on your body keeping your belongings safe without any hassle
Different Styling Options: Wear Pixie Bag as a waist pack, cross bag, and shoulder bag, depending on your mood and style by simply adjusting the strap



  • Please wipe the bag with dry, soft cloth when stained with dirt
  • Please store the bag in the dust bag and place it in a dry, cool place, keeping the product in the shape
  • Keeping the bag under constant heat or light can damage the bag
  • Alcohol and oil contents from cosmetics can contaminate or damage the bag
  • DO NOT put the bag underwater since the bag is only made to protect light splashes of water

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